Best Pokemon GO and Hack for iPhone, iOS, and Android

First of all, do not hack on your location in pokemon go that much that it will become obvious that you’re hacking. In other words, if you’re hacking the location and move from 1 town to another with in minutes, then anyone can tell that you are hacking the game. Just go around your actual location and keep it realistic.

Don’t close Pokemon Go while the location is hacked. All fantastic untill now you again open the game after 10 minutes and you are in your dwelling. This is obvious footprint that you’re hacking the location since no human can walk 100 miles in 10 minutes. Simply use the joystick to walk back to your own home and then you can close the match.

If you have “Walk back to home” button then you ought to use that and as soon as you are back home, shut the game. Hopefully now you guys would not get banned while using pokemon go hack.

Many of the readers were complaining that they can’t get the above mentioned process work on their Android phone. That’s probably because I have marshmallow android phone and you have lollipop or older version.

Good news is …